Who We Are

Meet Israel and Melinda.

We’re a couple the odds are always against.

Did you know that 70% of second marriages end in divorce? In this way, we are the 30%ers… and we plan to stay that way.

Back in Jan 2014, this was us:


These photos were taken the same week.

Melinda was a hipster farmer in the alt/folk scene and part of the environmentalist movement. 24 and recently divorced, living in New Mexico.

Israel was an overweight, somewhat naive super Christian pastor with three kids. 36 and on his way to the same… divorce. Living in Wisconsin.

We met the next year during the summer of 2015. Ours is a long story of meeting and becoming friends who were too jaded to believe in love or second marriages. We were perfectly content sitting on rooftops, drinking whiskey and talking about the darkness of life.

Yes, we fell in love. Yes, we wound up marrying each other.

And yes, we both remember the pain, the darkness, and the outcome of our divorces and the affects it has had on our lives up to this point.

HOWEVER. We do now feel something resembling joy. We have love in our every day lives. We have survived a shit ton of challenges and we will continue to do so forever, until death.

Life is hard. Life after divorce is even harder.

Life is also beautiful. And life after divorce can be more beautiful than anyone could have guessed. We are living proof.